Here Is A Preview Of ‘Private Army’ By The Vanities

“Private Army” is a soft rock song by the acclaimed duo “The Vanities” who went into self-imposed exile for about a decade before returning in 2021, the band used that space to polish their craft to near perfection.

This depicts the unwavering commitment to their craft and this serves as an example for both admirers and aspiring musicians. The duo has come together and completely revamped their style for a downright unique-sounding track.

They have changed their music, moving away from their signature 80s style and toward what they describe as “an epic orchestral affair.”

“The vanities” is opened by Rhys Bradleys heart-piercing vocals which prepare your heart for the incoming message, the lyrics are delivered on a solo piano with a serene feel but later welcome other instruments on it.

Their most recent song makes comments on the current state of conflict in Europe, but instead of using lyrics that would give them the hype or trend, they sought a better approach to the rising matter, soulful lyrics that are precise.

This song has a morose, melancholy undertone, as one might anticipate, and the isolated piano and strings give the song its desired flavor.

PrivateArmy is expected to be released on March 31st

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