Acclaimed Singer Taylor Jules Releases Her Latest Single ’19’

Taylor Jules’ songwriting skills is a mixture of professionalism and creativity, time and time again she has proved her ability to sing high notes while being focused on the theme of the song.

On laid-back instrumentation, Taylor Jules lays her vocals on her latest single that she titles Nineteen (19), which is intriguing and emotional while drawing attention to the lyrics of the song.

Nineteen (19) is the second single that was taken from her forthcoming album. The song draws inspiration from the freedom one tends to enjoy when one reach the age of 19. During that stage of your life, you tend to see things differently and have endless possibilities not forgetting the freedom that comes with it.

One thing I like about the song is the instrumentation, and production, it makes way for the breathtaking vocals of Taylor Jules to shine brightest, while paving way for the theme of the song.

Listening to the song you could feel the emotional impact of the song on you while receiving the heartfelt vocals thanks to her incredible voice. Taylor Jules outdid herself with this song, and it’s very obvious, in a span of 3 minutes 38 secs, she is able to take you on a ride of endless emotions.

19 is accompanied by a music video that depicts the purpose of the song.

Watch 19 below

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