Acclaimed Singer Blair West Releases Nostalgia

The New York singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Blair West keeps showcasing her likable appeal and endearing charisma, and she does so again with her third song. “Nostalgia” has this wistful, dreamy nature that feels inescapably captivating throughout, taking a poignant look at the formative stages of a past relationship with a melancholy lens that many will be able to relate to.

West has been writing songs since she was five years old, and it is evident in the skillful lyrics that are bound to touch your heart. With her pure, angelic tone and airy timbre, Blair has an instinctive talent for creating pillow-like atmospheres.

Blair West conjures the most lovely pictures with whisper-soft vocals over gently finger-picked guitar, drenched in tenderness and saturated in smooth, dreamy synth music. ‘Nostalgia’ recalls the beginning of a previous relationship and contains a few quaint, romantic lyrical passages.

The sweet melodies of “Nostalgia” will draw you in with its airy instrumentation and silky soft vocals. The song includes small passages of charming, romantic lyricism that blend seamlessly with the backdrop’s moving lyrics.

Listen to Nostalgia below

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