Mary Knoblock Takes Listeners On A Spiritual Journey With ‘Mustang Runner’

“Mustang Runner” by Mary Knoblock is more of a musical journey than a music, it aura being oozed in this song has an endless feeling attached to it. Mary Knoblock keeps pushing through boundaries to make her sound known and truly this is definitely an artist you need to hear about.

Mary Knoblock is a neo-classical composer and singer-songwriter whose latest single, “Mustang Runners,” is an intriguing blend of electronic, trap, experimental, and neo-classical piano music.

When it comes to unique sounds in the avant-garde word you can definitely count on Mary Knoblock. The Portland based artist thrives to make songs that are both innovative and accessible, making it a perfect fit for listeners who are looking for something new and exciting.

Just close your eyes and you would feel the sound carrying you into a distant world, a world where you feel numb to your current presence. How Mary makes Mustang Runner dawn on you is unbelievable, you get those chills an she is not in a hurry to spill the lyrics but takes her time to make sure you enjoy the ride.

Listen to Mustang Runner below:

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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