A Stellar Record By De Antiquis et Novis Titled ‘Falling Stars’

I have been a fervent supporter of De Antiquis Et Novis’ collection of work and have consistently been amazed by his artistic ability. This new single has only helped to heighten my sense of awe. De Antiquis Et Novis has made a successful comeback and graced us with his most recent musical masterpiece, “Falling Stars.”

The composition soars with a gorgeous mix of lively music and alluring keyboards. The perfect blend of pop synth and beats creates the most vibrant textures in this ultimate dance-pop hit. This has a free and danceable rhythm that can be enjoyed by everyone; therefore I can imagine it being played in any party setting.

Its predictability is what makes it the ideal, upbeat song. It includes a repetitive rhythm, identifiable beats, and groovy synth, which are all vital components of dance-pop music! As the beats take over and you are forced to dance, you will find yourself losing yourself in the upbeat atmosphere of the song.

“Falling Stars,” lures you onto the dancefloor to dance into tomorrow, dancing away all your troubles and anxieties. His songs are meant to create a peaceful atmosphere while arousing a desire for something unreachable.

When listening to his music, listeners can escape from reality and focus solely on the situation at hand. The single is part of a fresh string of songs intending to make people dance.

De Antiquis et Novis, is preparing to release a full-length album called “Dance!” somewhere in mid-2023 with “Falling Stars” as a part of it, along with a previous single, the disco goodness “Vallis Bouvard“. Based on those two songs alone the title ain’t lying – be prepared to hear a solid selection of music that will make you dance!

Listen to Falling Stars below


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