This The Dawn Of A New Era For Chloé Sautereau And Her Latest Single ‘Get To Know You Game’

Chloé Sautereau is reclaiming her own self by letting go of her stage identity “Cee” and the pseudonym “Sautereau“. The first track to be released under her full name is “Get To Know You Game.” Chloé’s vivid storytelling is the main emphasis of the release’s first batch of unadorned singles.

Chloé Sautereau, a singer and songwriter of Swiss descent, just dropped her newest tune, “Get To Know You Game.” Getting to know someone might be challenging in a society filled with dating apps, work-from-home opportunities, and digital existence. The theme of “Get To Know You Game” is negotiating the dating scene in the twenty-first century.

‘Get To Know You Game’ is purposefully simple in soundscape but achingly beautiful all the same, stripped back and putting her remarkable story-telling at the front and center of the release. This unique instrument grounds ‘Get To Know You Game’ in a warm bed of tones while enhancing it with a delicacy that you can’t help but find yourself aching along with. It carries you away in the gentle serenade of finger-picked acoustic guitar plucks. She claims:

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‘Get To Know You Game’ was born out of getting a little lost trying to meet somebody.

Get To Know You Game’ was born out of getting a little lost trying to meet somebody. Not knowing who you’re supposed to be or what you want anymore, in the world of dating apps and the vain search that comes with them. The repetition, losing yourself in the process, and ultimately just feeling the desire for something real. It’s driven, maybe a little more sassy than I’m used to. But it’s relentless, in a perpetual, cyclical kind of way; hopefully it’s freeing in that sense too. 


Chloé found herself writing “Get To Know You Game” because her cyclical dating experiences tended to lead to more introspection than romance. The song is tender in sound and wears her heart on her sleeve in the lyrics. The song, which provides criticism on contemporary love, discusses how many people appear to favor hiding who we are and what we truly think over being authentic, making it difficult to connect with or be open with anyone when everyone is hiding something.

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