Here Is ‘Space Boy’ By Soda Cracker Jesus

Soda Cracker Jesus is a songwriter, producer, and singer, who does everything by himself, his latest single “Space Boy” is a song that was inspired by a real-life experience, not from a third party, but from the singer. This allowed him to craft his message in a way that resonates with his audience regardless of the age group.

The rock ‘n roll idea for “Soda Cracker Jesus” came from singer-songwriter-producer Regan Lane. His first five singles received rave reviews and generated a lot of excitement, charting on hundreds of independent radio stations worldwide!

His most recent single, Hope for the Best, is now at number five on the Radio Indie Alliance Charts and is the number-one song on Valley FM 89.5 in Australia. All of his songs have achieved chart success.

When asked about what really inspired him to write such a masterpiece, this is what he had to say:

Yes, an event. A near head-on collision on my way home ended up being a message from the universe. In my mind, anyway…lol I’d been pushing myself pretty hard and it caught up to me. And musically I’d been listening to Billy Nomates and really dug the simplicity of their arrangements and how the bass was incorporated in each song.

Space boy is could also be an inspirational song, a song that prompts you to take it easy on yourself. Soda Cracker Jesus references are easy to draw, from punked-out Kinks or XTC to a sound infused with a taste of late-era Beatles psychedelia and Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett years.

Listen to Space Boy below

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