Tom Craven Encourages You To ‘Make Yourself Known’

“Make Yourself Known” is a 12-song album with 12 songs totaling 41 minutes that includes notable songs like “Hidden City,” “New Signals,” “Catalyst,” “Sleep,” and “Little Steps.” This album’s production is of the highest caliber, with a brilliant mix that has stereo depth, thunderous deep frequencies, stunning vocal harmonies, and evenly distributed compression throughout.

Tom Craven created an indie folk record with Make Yourself Known and that sounds like a contemporary classic, drawing inspiration from artists like Conor Oberst and M. Ward but also incorporating elements of surf rock and America. Make Yourself Known is an album about life and its immediate surroundings that is masterfully written and performed.

Tom Craven’s self-assurance and bravery in the face of difficulty are demonstrated throughout the record. Loss, loneliness, and insecurity are themes that are highly personal and addressed in the songs. This album, nevertheless, doesn’t spend much time lamenting its flaws. Tom, on the other hand, utilizes his music to examine and overcome these challenging feelings.

Make Yourself Known is a beautiful production, a full band sound, minimalist electric guitars, excellent drumming, and melodies that stick in your head for days are all there in Make Yourself Known, throughout the album, Tom’s voice is the star of the show. He has a unique and soulful tone that is perfectly suited to the emotional depth of his lyrics.

The production quality of the record reflects Tom’s long career as a solo acoustic performer in the Watford/Milton Keynes music scene for more than a decade. Make Yourself Known aims at bringing a sense of peace, positivity, and excitement to all who care to listen.

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