Stellan Perrick Shares Lesson On Being “NAUGHTY”

Stellan Perrick is an innovative and versatile dark-pop, indie, alternative, and experimental artist based in Germany. Since 2016, he has developed a unique sound and style, influenced by greats such as Michael Jackson and Prince. His debut single ‘Golden Baby‘ garnered international success, reaching the top spot on Palco mp3 in Brazil, and has been positively reviewed by numerous industry professionals, resulting in coverage from outlets like Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Forbes, Huffington Post, MTV, and Mic.

Stellan Perrick’s “Naughty” is a mesmerizing blend of his dark pop and R&B style, offering a super catchy and undeniably sensual sound. The track plays with the pulsing modernity of indie pop, enthralling its audience in its anthem-like qualities and captivating vibes.

At first listen, the song begins with a seductive rhythm that oozes of temptation and passion. Perrick’s male vocals croon in a mysterious but enchanting chorus, inviting its audience to follow his leading as he spirals deeper down the rabbit hole of his hauntingly beautiful melodies. While its initial chords are allurement and captivating, the real depth of its meaning becomes apparent as you get further in the song.

The real theme of Naughty lays within its lyrics. With cryptic references and ambiguous metaphors, Stellan Perrick brings up the common theme of true satisfaction and happiness only finding its place within you; no amount of superficial things could ever bring you complete joy. In “Naughty,” we find ourselves wondering what it is he is talking about, and being drawn in to explore its hidden depths.

The track is an anthem of self-love and reflection, presenting the listener with the metaphorical message of looking inwards and understanding ourselves. While its rhythms can be taken as ultra-catchy musical genius, its syllables hide a wink, a smile, and a profoundly human theme.

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