Julian Tran Urges Us To Try Again “Another Day”

Julian Tran is a French-born, London-based songwriter, film scorer and musician. At 25 years old, he has already established himself in the music industry with his alter-ego Sonic Eater, before introducing his real name in 2019.

His sound combines dreamy synth-pop textures and melancholic lyrics and gained additional recognition in 2021 when he released his full-length album Misery. He has since continued to explore new avenues with music, delving into film scoring along the way.

Julian Tran is taking audiences on a journey with his most recent single “Another Day” released in February 2023. With a unique flavor and unending creativity and ambition, Julian Tran is a musician on the rise, creating a uniquely dynamic and enchanting soundscape.

Julian Tran’s “Another Day” is a tranquil and reflective dream-pop single that succeeds in exploring the endless internal tension between staying in the same place and taking a risk on something new. His lush male vocals are reminiscent of soulful singers, his precise arrangements meandering through gentle layering of ethereal instrumentation to create an aural landscape that is both comforting yet full of longing.

Julian’s ability to evoke emotion with subtlety is evident in this single. His intricate production mixed with airy melodies capture the mood of searching for something outside the realms of stagnation and the dream-like feeling that accompanies this struggle. His soft pop sensibilities allow the soothing atmosphere to guide the listener through the track in a gentle, yet powerful way.

The single is divided into three distinct parts, each one contributing to the whole well-rounded experience. This is quite remarkable considering that all the material was written, performed and produced by Julian Tran. The UK based artist’s touch is evident by his capacity to blend the feeling of yearning with quiet acceptance.

Whether one needs to relax or just come to terms with the uncertainties in life, Julian Tran’s “Another Day” is perfect. His ear for dream-pop soundscapes is sure to put the listener on a thoughtful and introspective journey without forgetting its uplifting and hopeful message.

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