SØUNDHOOSE Advocates For Mental Health With Their New Album – CRANIOTØMY

SØUNDHOOSE is an alternative punk/rock band comprised of 3 greatly unique musicians, Jeremy Bauer (bass), Paul Burns (drums), and lead singer Brandon Smith, who is widely known as “Mr. Bad Luck”.

The trio sets sail to produce mind-blowing songs that can stand the test of time, and surely listening to songs produced by the trio, it is undebatable that their songs are everlasting.

SØUNDHOOSE is a band that promotes and advocates mental health as that is the core of a person’s being. As such most of their songs are circulated or centered on how to strengthen your mental self.

With inspiring great lyrics, SØUNDHOOSE has compiled 15 songs under the moniker CRANIOTØMY. Each song is produced in such a way that the lyrics of the song are crystal clear so as not to lose focus of the theme of the song.

CRANIOTØMY is a culmination of the mental warfare that is depression, seclusion, paranoia, anxiety, toxicity, and all the feelings that one might consider themselves weak if he/she/they admit they succumb to – says Brandon Smith

Mental health is a topic most people shy away from, and for this, many people are losing themselves, but SØUNDHOOSE gives hope by providing songs that provide aid and dance to.

This is an outlet to provide help and support for everybody regardless of age, sexuality, or nationality as everybody needs help and support, this is the best outlet for that discussion.

This is one of the best rock albums of 2023, as the guitar riffs and fantastic drums are in complete harmony with the lyrics, this trio surely knows how to make great records.

Listen to the album below


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