Aggressive Soccer Mom Drops A Stellar Record – Quint

Aggressive Soccer Moms’ hit the road again with their seventh album “Quint”, an album with perfect soundscapes, inducing Jazz and perfect guitar riffs into beautiful soundscapes.

Anders Bergström, Thomas Wahlström, and Stefan Wistrand are the band members of the Aggressive Soccer Mom a band that gained universality after their debut album in 2009. The band since then has strived to live up to its reputation.

The trio writes and produces their own stellar records. Quint is a clear indication of the band’s hard work and determination as this is widely spread all over the album. Different instrumentations can be heard on the album giving the album a universal feel.

The songs on Quint are psychedelic with alternating sounds, some serene, while others are danceable and perfect for someone of their caliber.

The Sweden-based band promises to keep up with the reputation they have built for themselves, which is to keep making good music that surpasses their previous. The Trio writes and produces their own songs making sure its stellar.

Track list
1. Silent Revolution (Bergström/Wahlström)
2.I Call Her Happy (Wistrand/Wahlström)
3.That’s How I Feel (Bargström/Wahlström)
4.Darling (Bergström/Wahlström)
5.Like Columbus (Wistrand/Wahlström)
6.The Doppler Effect (Bergström/Wahlström)
7.Why (Yoko Ono)
8.Stranger Danger (Bergström/Wahlström)
9.Who Would Ask (Wistrand/Wahlström)

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