Cole LC’s New Song “Toxicity” Discusses Unfaithfulness & Disloyalty

A number of things might impede a relationship’s development, and it’s a sad situation when being unfaithful and unloyal to your partner causes the two of you to split up.

Cole LC, a talented young musician from the UK, examines issues of disloyalty in his new song, “Toxicity,” which is a warning against seeking revenge on dishonest lovers.

The  19-year-old singer makes it appear so simple to combine parts from several genres to create a distinctive sound and style, which is not uncommon among musicians.

Speaking about the song he says, “Toxicity is a song about unfaithfulness between partners, it’s about the guy your girl tells you not to worry about, toxic situations as the title implies. The song takes you through the journey of suspicions turned into assumptions and payback as when I get the idea she’s got a friend with benefits, I go get myself one. It’s petty love I’d call it, tit for tat. It’s the immature actions someone you care about can draw out of you when you develop feelings and don’t want to get hurt or lessen the Hurt you feel.”

Even while getting even with an unfaithful partner may seem like a good idea, this rarely results in a happy ending. That might result in even more hurt, mistrust, and harm between the partners.

He adds his own distinctive qualities and uses his excellent vocals to elevate the song’s quality overall and make it stand out from other songs in these genres.

It’s also intriguing to watch how such performers can combine several genres to produce something fresh and original. Toxicity is an album that you should listen to if you like this style of music.

As someone who has developed their skills to the point that they are able to captivate and move audiences with their singing, his skill, and tactics for composing music are amazing to behold.

Listen to the song below and enjoy some intense storytelling as well. Follow Cole LC on Tik Tok and Instagram.


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