Bestfriend Out With New Song “Love Always Came So Easy For You”

Canadian alt-pop duo Bestfriend is currently out with their newest song tagged “Love Always Came So Easy for You” which tells a lot.

The song is about a person who is not committed to anything or anyone and is always ready to leave or move on to the next thing.

They may say things that sound comforting or reassuring, but their actions don’t match their words, and they don’t have any real investment in the people or situations they encounter.

This kind of person can be frustrating and unreliable, and it can be hard to trust them or build any kind of lasting connection with them and that’s what they talk about in the song.

They stand out from the crowd due to the group’s unique presence or aura, which is positive and exudes charm, charisma, and friendliness.

Bestfriend has a particular feature that distinguishes them in some manner: their propensity to turn poetry into a tangible experience.

Bestfriend is the result of two young musicians who live thousands of miles apart: Stacy Kim on lead vocals and guitar and Kaelan Geoffrey on synths and vocals.

Listen to the song below and follow them on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram.


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