Snakedoctors Revamps Their Old Song Destroyed

Snakedoctors are four friends who started the band in Gdansk, Poland in May of 2020. Since then, they have released twenty-two singles (including a Christmas special and a song in Czech under the name Jiri Blaha & Framuga Boys) and four albums: „Obligation”, „Joy Free Bowl”, „Mellow Joy” and “Four and a half”. Albums charted at Poland Empik Top 100 Rock, iTunes Top 100 Rock, and one of the UK’s independent radio album charts.

Although destroyed is the latest release by the band, it is actually a remake of an older song by the Snakedoctors. The single features a guest drummer – Nik Hughes – a drummer of Bush. Mixing was done by Marshall Gallagher a producer and a leader of Teenage Wrist. Mastering was done at Howie Weinberg Mastering.

The new version of “Destroyed” is the first single off their new album coming out in the first half of 2023 and it features guest artists, and producers who came together to combine forces and create good songs.

The song Destroyed is about how sometimes things come really bad in life and the uncertainties that comes with being alive. There’s also a new video for the song which was filmed in Serbia.

Watch the video below

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