Robbie Rapids Teases You With Love Of Your Life

Robbie Rapids is a singer/guitarist and a great storyteller, with each song he makes, he makes sure one thing is certain – a great story with suspense – and his latest song Love Your Life is a perfect prove of his prowess.

In the song Robbie Rapids narrates the never-ending thoughts flooding his mind after he met the love of his life. He narrates meeting her for the second time at the club only to find his dream girl dancing with another guy.

Now not only is he looking forward to dancing with her, but he must also devise ways to get her attention, of course he need to make it impactful, and atop this he hopes to be the love of her life.

Robbie is a creative songwriter and lyricist, so you can imagine all the uncertainties that can roll out during that period and imagine all these heartfelt feeling being poured out on a Pop Rock Song. This is his first Pop Rock song released, yet it is receiving so many recognition from music lovers across.

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Mister Styx
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