“Scissors” by Govorukha – An Indie Folk Gem

This is something else, I tell you, in this loud and loopy music biz, to find something pure as crystal, like Govorukha’s new tune, “Scissors.” Hot diggity, doesn’t it just shine? Govorukha busting out from Russia, landing in Prague, and dang, does his music just get you right in the feels. Mixing guitars, both electric and acoustic, with a cajon, a violin, and a piano, he spins together emotions like it’s nothing. He pulls at your heartstrings with every note and drops some deep truths with every word.

Govorukha’s music roots itself heavily into the indie folk and folk-pop vibes. And let me tell you, “Scissors” has a real cool, laid-back groove to it, like a warm hug on a bone-chilling winter night. It’s a tune that’s truly heart-wrenching in its simplicity, spinning around an honest, barebone acoustic sound that ties together with a message about undying support and acceptance.

“Scissors” is centered on assisting a friend or friends navigate through traumas and issues by simply providing presence, withholding judgment, refraining from dispensing advice, or offering relatable stories that are sure to provide help.

His vocals, are just sublime. They cut right to the core of the song, hitting every note with absolute sincerity. His way with words is just spell-binding, making every line feel like a balm for the tired soul or a lighthouse guiding lost sailors home.

"Scissors" by Govorukha – An Indie Folk Gem
“Scissors” by Govorukha – An Indie Folk Gem

And you know what’s wild? You can feel straight up echoes of Flatsound and Rise Against’s acoustic album “Ghost Note Symphonies” in the way this track’s been put together. But even then, Govorukha’s made his own kind of sound, blending in indie-folk storytelling with the stripped down charm of acoustic folk-pop.

Now here’s the kicker – the song’s totally homegrown. Every bit of it – conception, recording, mixing, and mastering – happened in Govorukha’s one-bedroom apartment! Talk about dedication. Makes you remember that real music isn’t about shiny studios, it’s about the heart and soul of the person behind the notes.

Bottom line – “Scissors” is a gem. No fluff, no fuss, just honest, deeply felt indie folk vibes that hit you where it counts. In these tech-crazy times, it’s a solid reminder of the charm of simplicity. And it isn’t just pretty, it’s heartfelt – a benchmark for all those dreamers out there trying to make their mark on the indie folk scene. Once you hear “Scissors”, you going to want more Govorukha, no doubt. Keep an ear out for this fella, he’s got a lot more on the horizon, I’m sure.

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