Join K Syran As you Jam Her New Single ‘Starry Night’

Before you press play to listen to Starry Night by K Syran, let me tell a little about the songstress K Syran, K Syran is a trained actress at Rada & Guildhall School of Music & Drama, but before she realized she had a deep connection with music, this gravitated her towards making her own music and she hasn’t looked back since.

Over the years she has attained some heights in the music industry, her single Intimacy was nominated by the United Nations in the UK to be the anthem of International Women’s Day, while her album Dizzy has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards in the US.

K-Syran’s ‘Sunny’ Remix Sparks Dancefloor Euphoria

Her latest single Starry Night has the power to switch your mood into a joyful one, this a feel-good song that can be enjoyed by everybody without any age limit.

Starry Night commands you onto the dancefloor to dance away all your worries. The intro to the song has a chill vibe with some sonic waves that transport the listener into a cosmic world.

The instrumentation is dreamy, yet K Syran’s sultry voice brings the song to life, Starry Night isn’t crowded with lyrics, but the few on there allow the listener to enjoy the music, the sound is captivating and psychedelic.

This is her debut, a collaboration between the Grammys nominated famous Swedish producer StoneBridge singer-songwriter K-Syran.

One interesting thing the number of versions currently available, there is about 6 total songs.

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