Saves the Witch: “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take Me”

Eric Maynes is the mastermind behind the dynamic new musical entity, Saves the Witch. Eric plays guitar, drums, and bass, as well as writing and producing every track that makes up Saves the Witch’s signature sound.

Formed during the pandemic of COVID-19, the name Saves the Witch stands as a symbol of our need to accept and embrace each other in spite of the differences we may have. Eric draws inspiration from a variety of acts such as Coheed and Cambria, Covet, Sleep Token, and This Will Destroy You.

Eric’s distinct sound has traveled the globe, receiving notable radio play on indie stations everywhere. His innovative production has transcended genre boundaries and melted hearts around the world. His honest, poetic lyrics offer a window into the truth of our world, and his intricate arrangements and dynamic instrumentation breathe life into each song.

The soft rock instrumental “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take Me” from Saves the Witch is an incredibly calming and dreamy piece of music. The instrumentation of this track is very minimalistic and uses a lot of atmosphere and subtlety to create an enveloping and dream-like experience.

The slow, gentle tempo of this instrumental works perfectly with its sublimely smooth melodies and sounds. With its light reverberation and calming vibes, this track creates an open and airy atmosphere. The instrumentation is sparse, featuring immersive post-rock guitar riffs, lush organic textures, soft synth melodies and gentle drumbeats which give this track its chill vibes.

The result is a beautifully diverse and immersive instrumental track, which is great for relaxation. It also has meditative qualities, with its slow, hypnotic pace and its almost euphoric, ambient melodies.

The masterful sound production combined with the delicate instrumentation and atmosphere of this track is what makes it so perfect for relaxation and meditation. With its relaxed and calming atmosphere, this track from Saves the Witch is an ideal piece of soft rock instrumentals.

It’s “Dangerous to go Alone, Take Me” is the second single off what will be the third full album by Saves the Witch.

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