Prima Apollinaare Uplifting Single “High and Low” an Anthem of Resilience

Prima Apollinaare is a Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles who has taken her homegrown sound to stages across the country. Working to cultivate a sound that speaks to the heart of any listener, Prima brings a unique blend of intense emotion and empowering melodies.

Heavily influenced by the sounds of Florence and the Machine, Kate Bush, Bjork and Fiona Apple, Prima has taken as many creative risks as she has influences. With a unique style of raw emotion and delicate, precise lyricism, her music reaches out to the listener and speaks of both pain and triumph.

Prima’s work is passionate, honest and enthralling. She has steadily started to become recognized as a true talent in the pop genre. Prima Apollinaare’s release “High and Low” is a stunner! It is a track off of her album “Alignment”. The album draws from life experiences, the pandemic, determination, and the undying commitment to oneself and one’s aspirations.

Prima Apollinaare’s Indie Pop track “High and Low” is an energetic and resounding ode to resilience and determination. The song begins with light, soft female harmonies, which draw you in and immediately capture your attention. From there, the track builds in intensity and clarity with each moment that passes, eventually coming to its thrilling and energetic chorus. The female vocal talent shines here as they are able to command the soaring and triumphant melodies so effortlessly while also managing to keep the track grounded and inviting.

The instrumentals are also cheerful and resoundingly catchy, a perfect accompaniment to the equally awe-inspiring female vocal performance. The arrangement of each part, from the drum beat to the clean guitar line keeps the energy at a peak level. Everything falls into the perfect place, providing a great backdrop for the female vocals to soar above.

The song ultimately makes for an anthemic and overwhelmingly uplifting experience. All of the elements come together to make “High and Low” a truly experiential piece of music, telling the story of getting back up time and time again after being knocked down by the trials and tribulations of life.

The indie pop music “High and Low” by Prima Apollinaare is an absolute treat to the ears. The accompanying music video with its 90’s setting features the artist in an old car and it has a nostalgic feel to it. The video captures the essence of the track perfectly, complemented by its retro vibe. The visuals are gorgeously shot as the artist drives around, with a subtle sense of nostalgia.

Undeniably heartfelt and assertive, Prima Apollinaare creates a sound that is at once classic and captivatingly fresh. A rare and powerful combination of influences, emotion and artistic expression, Prima is an artist who is sure to continue to captivate fans all over the world.

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