Betty Moon Captures the Energy of “Boilermaker”

Betty Moon is an artist, songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, California. Raised on a steady diet of punk rock, soul and DIY culture, Betty Moon continues to push the envelope with her ever-evolving sound. Her raw energy, effortless vocal prowess and unapologetic set of lyrics have earned her airplay, online and college radio rotation, and a dedicated following on digital music platforms.

With 10 albums self-released through her own label Evolver Music, and recognition from a variety of television shows and films, Betty Moon continues to inspire both fans and industry averages alike, remaining true to her own style and staying true to her DIY ethos.

The song “Boilermaker” by Betty Moon is an anthem of rock music. Her powerful, female vocals give the classic Royal Blood track a new, electric feel. From the start, her energetic vocals and invigorating drums fill the listeners with excitement, as they get lost in the sound of the song. Moon’s impressive vocal range complements the strong electric guitar riffs and creates a catchy, modern vibe. The song is full of energy and contagiously builds throughout the length of the song.

The US based rock singer has really shown her talent in this cover song. Her impressive studio production in the song heightens the energy and gives it a new level of depth. The electric guitar and hard-hitting drums meld together to create an anthem of rock music that any fan would be proud to say they listen to. The emotion in Moon’s voice speaks to the listener, allowing them to really feel the music.

With her upcoming album in the works, the release of “Boilermaker” is just a teaser. Fans have been in anticipation of what’s to come and will enjoy this perfect sample of her dynamic range of music. Betty Moon is the talent behind the amazing track, and her fresh and exciting take on the classic Royal Blood track is sure to make a huge impact.

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