Remarkable Debut Release “Disposable” By OnFilm

OnFilm is a US-based rising star who is paving a path for success in the music industry. She is a songwriter, singer, pianist and producer with an innate ability to write catchy pop songs that have the potential to be great hits.

Her music career began when she was just a teenager, learning to play piano. OnFilm immersed herself in different styles of music through the years, which continues to be an integral part of her sound to this date.

Being influenced by The Midnight, Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa, OnFilm adds her own unique flavor to her tracks which has already attracted fans from far and wide. She recently released her debut EP in late January 2023 and as she continues to grow, so does her sound, making her one of the most up-and-coming names in the pop scene.

OnFilm’s debut EP, “Disposable”, is a stunning example of true indie-pop at its finest. The EP was all recorded in her bedroom or in Berklee College of Music classrooms, and it expertly captures the intimate yet expansive aural landscapes of her artistry. OnFilm’s subtle production style and remarkable vocal performance, combined with her creative approach to composition, give this EP a truly unique sound.

The 80’s vibe inspired production is an ode to OnFilm’s love of analog sound, resulting in an inspired blend of classical strings and vintage synths. This EP is inspired by the album Heroes by The Midnight, and she seamlessly blends contemporary and vintage elements to create an atmosphere of dream-like essence. I wanted to create a nostalgic feel with this EP but at the same time it also makes you feel like you’re living in the moment- says OnFilm.

The sober lyrical content is also handled well, as each track tackles different aspects of love and relationships. Disposable has a great balance of both electronic and acoustic sounds and its vast array of soundscapes make for truly introspective listening. OnFilm’s remarkable talent for crafting pop songs is both daring and hopeful and cannot be ignored.

Overall, “Disposable” is an exceptional EP that deserves your attention. OnFilm uses her impressive musical prowess to produce a vibrant and thought-provoking collection of songs that will surely leave you wanting more.

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