Timeless Music from “Lazy Days And Lullabies” by Martyn Scott

Martyn Scott is an English singer-songwriter blending retro indie, 60s pop, jazz, and classical music. With intricate guitar work and lush instrumentation, he creates a technicolor mix of meticulously crafted melodies. Born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Scott started performing rock n roll in working men’s clubs when he was 17, and then went on to tour around the country with his band which got to open for The Bootleg Beatles at the Echo Arena in Liverpool with 9,000 people in attendance.

He is a multi-instrumentalist who is both skilled and passionate about his craft, writing, performing and singing everything on his records. His songwriting is inspired by a range of iconic artists like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and 90s Britpop, with his number one priority always being the song.

Martyn Scott’s latest release “Lazy Days And Lullabies” is a fantastic track that strikes the perfect balance between rock, pop and soft-rock, creating a nostalgic and warm atmosphere.

The song is built on a calming, lullaby-like, guitar-driven rhythm and steadied by a solid beat and slapping snare. Stringed instruments provide a nice ethereal feel and the soft sound of the keyboard flutters around like a carefree summer breeze. The soothing background strings and flute give a much-needed feel of nostalgia that allows you to easily drift away, lost in bliss and memories of childhood.

The vocalist’s voice is a perfect combination of soft and slightly gritty, and his passionate delivery allows room for listeners to connect with the soulful energy of the track. While the chorus lacks high energy, it still manages to capture a strong 60s vibe and invite you to sing along.

The composition of the song is simply stellar with Martyn using a multitude of instruments including guitars, piano and strings to create a unique listening experience. Every single note is placed perfectly and is perfectly complemented by the softer acoustic touches which add to the overall energy of the song.

All things considered, it’s easy to see why Martyn Scott’s “Lazy Days And Lullabies” is such an enjoyable track. Its catchy, bouncy rock-pop sound, combined with its subtle 60’s feel, make it one of the most impressive tracks of the month. Highly recommended to any easy listening enthusiast!

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