Roxercat Impresses With “Crime”

Roxercat is a progressive rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee, led by singer and songwriter Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. Various guest musicians also appear on the recordings. Their sound features the imaginative storytelling and stellar musicianship expected from such a seasoned group of Nashville creatives.

Price Jones began making music as a young girl growing up in Kentucky and moved to Nashville, TN, to deepen her studies at Belmont University. Stan Lassiter is a native of Nashville and a classically-trained guitarist. Bill Francis, a Pennsylvania native, first picked up the bass at 12 years old and two years later was playing out professionally. The trio have been playing together since 2017 and formed an original rock band, Roxercat.

They released their six-song EP “Pearls” on Jan 13th, recorded at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios with overdubs at Cat Tracks Studio, and co-produced by Price Jones and Grammy® award-winning engineer and producer Clarke Schleicher. The songs touch on many themes, including life’s challenges in a digital age, love, relationships, the paradigm shifts of life, and living through uncertain times.

“Crime” by Roxercat is an incredible track right off the bat. This is the second track off of their recent released EP “Pearls” and it definitely captures the essence of empowerment, strength, and hopefulness.

The fierce rock and pop hybrid track provides the perfect backdrop for their female vocals which are undeniably powerful and full of energy. With its catchy chorus and energetic riffs “Crime” manages to echo the anthem we often feel when faced with a challenging moment. The song is a rocking plea for people to stop giving away their power to systems designed to distract, pacify, and influence. It’s also about taking back control of our minds, beliefs, and thoughts.

The sonic and lyrical combination of “Crime” is truly an amazing and powerful piece of work. The pounding drums, heavy guitars combine with the emotive vocals to create a very anthemic feel throughout the track. It’s a powerful reminder that strength lies within and that we are capable of making our own mark in the world.

The music video for Roxercat’s song “Crime” is an incredibly visual and intense experience that succeeds in bringing the energy and excitement of the song to life. With a haunting, eerie introduction and heavy electric guitars, the video captures the power of the song’s message right away. The visuals are stunning and captivating, featuring bright neon lights and animated scenes that revolve around the song’s theme. The vibrant colors, intense scenes, and pulsing beat of the music all combine to create a sense of suspense and urgency.

All in all, “Crime” by Roxercat is an intense and informative track that carries much depth and meaning. If you’re in the mood for a powerful and empowering rock anthem then this song is for you.

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