“On Deck” J. Lock’s Street Anthem

Hailing from Mississippi and now based in Atlanta, J. Lock has been garnering attention for his captivating melodic flow. Drawing on his personal experiences and having been influenced by the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar, he uses music as an outlet and a form of expression that allows him to be as free and authentic as he wants to be.

2021 saw him release his debut EP “Typa SZN”, featuring his stand-out track “City Life”. He followed that up in 2022 with the hard-hitting, high-energy street anthem “On Deck”, a testament to his hustle and grit. With a burning ambition to leave his mark on music, J. Lock is undeterred in his pursuit of greatness.

J. Lock’s rap song “On Deck” is a smooth hip hop track produced with a trap influenced beat. With its US based sound, the song creates a vibe perfect for any hip hop fan. The musical style of the track creates an optimistic mood and an upbeat rhythm that is both infectious and enjoyable. The composition of the track stands out from other hip-hop songs due to its catchy chorus and extensive vocal harmonies.

The talent of J. Lock is undeniable, as he is able to establish a strong presence in the rap community with his lyrical content. His storytelling style makes the track very impactful. His clever rhymes are uniquely delivered and convey powerful messages. His bold style is evident throughout the track and it creates a unique and refreshing sound.

Amidst the heavy 808 bass and the trap hi-hats, the traditional trap sound of the production provides a banging beat perfect for any hip hop enthusiast. The track is a mix between current and classic hip hop, creating an upbeat and modern vibe. Though the production is heavy, the various vocal harmonies blended in creates a softer pallet.

The song features the talented MadMarcc, who adds amazing energy with his catchy raps. He adds an extra layer of depth with his rhymes and provides a dynamic contrast to J. Lock’s melodic rap. His vocal performance adds to the vibe of the song, as his energetic flow can be easily followed and provides an exciting element to the overall production.

J. Lock’s track “On Deck” is a dynamic and well-crafted rap song that showcases the talent of both J. Lock and MadMarcc. The smooth production, dynamic lyricism and catchy hooks make this song a great song for any hip hop fan. The upbeat tone of the song is sure to get you in the mood and have you bumping your head.

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