“Echoes of My Mind”: Pedro’s Innovative Take on Experimental Music

Pedro is a rising artist who transcends the traditional, inspiring an outlet for creative expression through his blend of various genres. Drawing from the likes of Arca, ROSALÍA, and Björk, Pedro seamlessly threads his Classical Guitar background with his experience from the Portuguese Alternative Rock scene, creating an innovative sound. His potential has been highlighted by varied sounds, textures and styles that is truly his own when electronic beats are incorporated.

PEDRO’s “Echoes of My Mind” EP is a stunning experimental piece of instrumental music. Rather than just adhering to a single genre, Pedro has intelligently crafted pop textures, infusing the EP with a reggaeton twist. Each track on the EP is steeped in emotion, and PEDRO manages to do what words often can’t. By creating a series of soothing instrumentals, his art is made up of pure feeling.

This distinct, yet original vibe makes “Echoes of My Mind” an addictive group of sounds. Without relying on lyrics or any additional vocals, PEDRO focuses on creating sounds that evoke certain moods in the listener. Each song has an alternate pop taste, as none are similar. There’s an obvious European influence throughout the EP, as PEDRO crafts each track with unique drums and samples.

“Echoes of My Mind” consists of 3 songs; “Manic Dream”, “Súplicas à Floresta” and “Euforia Sin Cocaína”. These three diverse tracks are all created in a dreamy, psychedelic sound. PEDRO has thoughtfully assembled the EP, carefully structuring each track to sound perfect from start to finish.

The “Echoes of My Mind” EP provides a creative approach to instrumental music. Each song demands the listener’s attention, and the EP as a whole is highly captivating. Without the obvious inclusion of lyrics, PEDRO effectively demonstrates his ability to ingeniously express emotions through music. It’s one of those “esteem-building” projects, designed to challenge the norm and expose the listener to a stimulating new sound.

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