“That’s What We Wanted”: Dogboy’s High-Energy Rock Anthem

Hailing from the indie rock scene of New York City, Dogboy has built an impressive repertoire of original songs and has performed extensively throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Drawing inspiration from the classic indie rock bands such as Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes and the modern sounds of Jean Dawson and Briston Maroney, Dogboy has crafted a sound that is both unique and captivating.

From the frenetic single notes of their guitar riffs to the steady pulsing of their drums and bass, Dogboy is able to appeal to a wide range of listeners and fans of all ages and backgrounds. With their earthy and melodic sounds, Dogboy is sure to remain in the hearts and heads of music lovers everywhere.

Dogboy’s latest single “That’s What We Wanted” is a triumphant blast of alternative rock from their first release in 2023. It’s a stirring blend of grinding guitars, propulsive percussion and easy listening male vocals.

Dogboy’s single ‘That’s What We Wanted’ is a high-energy rock anthem that will get your body moving and your heart pumping. Boasting spine-tingling riffs and a massive chorus, the song is driven by energizing drums and guitar licks that keep you in a state of perpetual motion. The male vocals add a sardonic edge, giving the track a powerful feel. With its infectious chorus and edginess, ‘That’s What We Wanted’ is the perfect song to blast at full volume and let loose.

The music production is on-point, as each instrument comes together to create an exciting blend of infectious hooks and memorable melodies. Whether it’s a road trip essential or a stadium anthem, “That’s What We Wanted” will have you singing along to its transcendent chorus.

If you’re looking for a great new song to add to your music collection, Dogboy’s “That’s What We Wanted” is the perfect choice. With its melodic vibes and infectious hooks, it’s sure to be a mainstay in your repertoire for a long time. Dogboy’s next single “Cowboy Killer” will be released 3/3/23 so anticipate!

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