Nxtime Delivers A Smooth Performance On ‘Renaissance bb;

Nxtime is an upcoming trio that is steadily gaining popularity in the Pop/R&B world. In 2019, Ray Rubio, Nate Christensen, and met and decided to combine their musical powers, they felt the synergy and after that, they set off to take the world by storm.

Their latest single “Renaissance bb” feat. ord minami, is one to talk about, this is just a tip off the iceberg, using one genre to describe ‘Renaissance bb’ would be impossible as it can’t fit into one box.

Imagine blending pop, soul, funk, and R&B into one basket, now tell me what that would sound like – now add groove, great you probably have a good idea of the situation. How they were able to make a timeless song as “Renaissance bb” is something to write home about.

The song’s repeating words are really mind-blowing, but they somehow manage to be both captivating and addictive. The lively danceable rhythms of “Renaissance bb” have contemporary yet nostalgic melodies, together with timeless R&B tones and an 80s pop synth-soaked vibe that is both recognizable and distinctive.

The bands dedication to great music echoes throughout the song, and can be felt after the first listen, the chorus of “Renaissance bb” is easily digestible, while the arrangement of the instrumentation allows the song to stand out, brandishing the theme of the song.

A new upbeat song that is sure to get folks moving is called Renaissance bb. The song, which follows “Medicine,” was produced by Mike Rogers and features a catchy beat by partner ord minami. Mike Rogers has worked with some of the biggest names in music and was the engineer on Deee-Lite’s classic “Groove Is in the Heart.”

Listen to Renaissance bb below;

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