Lazywall Shares Their Debut – Kan Hez Yeddi

Kan Hez Yeddi is the latest single from the camp of Lazywall. Lazywall is a trio band that was formed by three brothers in Reading, England. Nao, Youssef, and Monz who relocated from Tangier to go to university in the UK.

The Morrocan Rock band is heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, and System Of A Down, as well as Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, although Lazywall mostly sings in Arabic their music is greatly appreciated in English-speaking counties.

According to the Trio, Kan Hez Yeddi means, “No human should be illegal, such a powerful message for their Spotify debut.  This is what they had to say;

“No human being should be illegal”. It’s for anyone different who feels that they don’t fit in. And also about others who are afraid to lose what they got.”

Just like the theme behind Kan Hez Yeddi, Lazywall has proven beyond doubt that music has no barrier, and can cut through the language barrier. Sound from Lazywall has the potential to bring us together and unite.

The band shy’s away from politics and religious matters as that is not the core of their unison, but to give hope and uplift. The instrumentation they picked for Kan Hez Yeddi serves it purpose, it allows the lyrics of the sound to stand out while allowing the soundscape to take its course.

Listen to Kan Hez Yeddi below

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