Nu-Metal Revival: Love Ghost’s ‘Do You Like Me Now?’ Featuring Cinnamon Babe

Hey music fans!In their recent works, Love Ghost has been on fire with their ability to integrate various genres and their new song “Do You Like Me Now?” is no exception. These guys have always been more versatile, combining elements of such genres as grunge, alt-rock, metal, pop-punk, rap-rock, and hip-hop during their work. Such versatility of musical genres is one of the major factors distinguishing this band’s sound.

For the song “Do You Like Me Now?”, Love Ghost collaborated with another nu-metal artist, and believe me, that was the right decision. They take the biggest of both their feels and combine them into one strong, versatile song. Guitars are powerful and grim, drums are heavy and thick, bass drops have superior sound separation – it’s a proper nu-metal now.

The production was done by Mike Summers and he has worked with big artists for example Tech N9ne, Kendrick, Lil Wayne, so its professional sounding as always. The sheer volume and passion are reminiscent of Linkin Park and Rage Against the Machine but have a certain newness that may make it appealing to more fans.

One of the most notable features is the vocals of Love Ghosts’ Finnegan Bell and the obscene, catchy screams and raps of Cinnamon Babe. Bell has such a great pop-punk type of voice which makes it quite interesting to compliment the heavier side of the band. It’s this awesome juxtaposition of hostility and serenity of the bright and the black.

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One of the most notable features is the vocals of Love Ghosts’ Finnegan Bell and the obscene, catchy screams and raps of Cinnamon Babe.

The lyrics talk about turmoil, anxiety and frustration, which are emotions shared by many people, but are sung in an empowering way that is infectious. When Bell was mentioning how music is ‘the language for emotion’, this track fits into that to a T, like a balm for the soul to feel understood for anyone coping with mental health issues.

Additionally, they released a music video with this super cool third person game overwatch playstyle thing going on. You know, with health bars, mini-maps, it’s as if both artists are playing their avatars in real life. It was so refreshing to see something so different added to the music.

In summation, if you have any preference for heavy rock and especially nu-metal at all, then ‘Do You Like Me Now?’ is an absolute essential. Love Ghost and Cinnamon Babe killed it with these giant vocals, those rap-rock aspects and bomb production. Overall, this is easily one of the stand-out releases of the year thus far. If you snoozed on Love Ghost before, this is the great starting point to understanding who they are and how their music has progressed. Don’t sleep!.

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