Nickon Faith Drops Mesmerizing ‘Visions EP’ on Troubleshoot Recordings

Manchester-based artist Nickon Faith has unleashed an enthralling musical journey with the release of his latest EP, “Visions.” This captivating collection, brought to you by Troubleshoot Recordings, features four stunning tracks, including three originals by Nickon Faith himself and a remix by label head Jon Selbo. Prepare to be swept away by the dynamic and expressive dance music showcased in this EP.

Setting the tone for the entire experience, the EP opens with the ethereal and otherworldly track, “Visions.” With its enchanting pads and captivating lead lines, this song immediately transports listeners into a mesmerizing sonic realm, leaving them yearning for more.

Keeping the energy flowing, “In Bloom” takes center stage next. Nickon Faith’s intricate production shines through as infectious percussion and rapid melodies intertwine, creating a complex and layered soundscape. The pulsating bassline serves as the driving force, propelling the track forward and captivating listeners along the way.

As the EP progresses, “Don’t Make Me Wait” takes the spotlight, blending breakbeats and dreamy vocals in a masterful display of sonic artistry. The track’s hypnotic and infectious qualities are complemented by energetic breaks that lay the foundation for rich, expansive chords that flood the airwaves. The vocals gracefully weave through the music, adding an extra layer of depth and allure.

Bringing the EP to a climactic close, label boss Jon Selbo steps in with a high-energy remix of “Don’t Make Me Wait.” Injecting his own unique flavor, Selbo delivers a club-ready version that is bound to set dancefloors on fire, making it a must-listen for those seeking an electrifying experience.

With “Visions EP,” Nickon Faith solidifies his reputation as an innovative and exciting producer, pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Troubleshoot Recordings once again proves its commitment to cutting-edge sounds, providing a platform for forward-thinking artists like Nickon Faith.

Prepare to be transported to new sonic dimensions with Nickon Faith’s “Visions EP.” This immersive musical journey showcases the boundless creativity of Manchester’s music scene, leaving listeners craving more of the artist’s captivating soundscapes. Don’t miss out on this mesmerizing release that pushes the boundaries of dance music.

Listen to Visions Ep below

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