Mimi Pretend Drops The Third Single Of Her Upcoming Album

Mimi Pretend is an up-and-coming artist who aspires to be better than her previous self yet, unlike her previous releases, Mimi Pretend has taken a different approach to her latest song “Guys In La”. Mimi Pretend is known for making songs that come with the aches and pains of love and wanting to devour it whole and throw it back up and let it devour you.

When asked what motivated her to write Guys In La, this is what she had to say

“I decided to write a “happy” song. A song that was about the other Mimi and her world. It is a world similar to my own – old cars, haunted mansion pools, foggy beaches, bourbon, cloves, a southwestern gothic meets LA noir and grunge – but the protagonist is taking all the misfortune with a stride in a getaway car.”

Mimi has obviously established herself in this new direction, and it will be interesting to watch where she takes it from here. The lyrics, which provide a vivid picture of a place that we all desire to escape to, are catchy and relatable as well. The song “Guys in LA” is the ideal illustration of how an artist may venture into uncharted areas and succeed in producing something new and intriguing.

Chris Ostler from Black Honey co-produced and mixed Guys In La, a song with great production, top-notch, with a mix of electronic and organic sounds that create a dreamy atmosphere. The vocals are strong and expressive, conveying the joy and freedom of the protagonist’s escape from reality.

Listen to Guys In LA below

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