Katta Pours Heart Into Her Latest Ep – Vox Organi

In the ethereal realms of Katta’s latest album, ‘Vox Organi,’ a profound meeting of ancient and modern worlds takes place. Released on Berlin label Emika Records, Katta’s music transcends boundaries as the sacred intertwines with the profane, and technological frontiers are boldly crossed.

Katta’s mastery of the organ is truly awe-inspiring. From gracing the world’s revered pipe organs in sacred spaces to commanding her state-of-the-art custom-built electric touring organ, her musical versatility knows no bounds. Each note she plays carries the weight of her vision, seeking to bring the organ’s divine resonance beyond conventional realms.

In her own words, “The organ belongs in the church… but I want to have the freedom to get the organ into places where it can’t normally be heard.” Thus, the idea to construct her own touring instrument was born, allowing her to traverse uncharted territories with her musical prowess.

While Katta’s early rise to international prominence showcased her classical organ and harpsichord performances alongside prestigious orchestras, it was through her own compositions that her artistic identity truly flourished.

Katta’s collaborations with esteemed artists such as Daniel Hope and Cameron Carpenter have further expanded the horizons of her musical journey. Sharing the stage with Bjork at Olavsfest in Norway in 2022 stands as a testament to her remarkable artistry and the profound impact she has made on the contemporary music scene

The 2016 album ‘Veni Sancte Spiritus’ served as the gateway to her otherworldly sonic universe, featuring haunting vocals, delicate percussive bells, and an evocative fusion of lyrical melodies and dissonant textures. These compositions, simultaneously evoking a distant and enigmatic past while firmly rooted in the present, have been performed both solo and in captivating arrangements for organ and orchestra.

Whether resonating within the hallowed chambers of grand cathedrals or seamlessly blending with electronic soundscapes, her music exudes an unmistakable aura: ethereal, experimental, and arresting.

Music producer: Katta, Jakub Hadraba

Recording engineer: Jakub Hadraba, Jan Středa

Assistant recording engineer: Juraj Mišejka

Mixing and mastering engineer
: Jan Středa

Track listing:

1.Meditace I

2.Bogorodice Djevo

3.Meditace II

4.Stabat Mater Dolorosa

5.Meditace III

6.In Paradisum

7.Meditace IV


9.Veni Sancte Spiritus

Listen to Vox Organi below


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