Hayden Haddock Remakes ‘Fast As You’ By Dwight Yoakum

Texas-based country singer Hayden Haddock brings to life the 1993 classic “Fast As You” which was originally released by Dwight Yoakum, but the remake of the song makes it more enticing, yet Hayden tries to keep the song in its original state.

Although the previous was a great hit, Hayden Haddock’s cover of the song has a refreshing feeling, while the pressing guitar brings to light his breathtaking guitar skills that add a final touch to the song.

With years of performing live, Hayden Haddock has been able to master his craft to fuel his listeners whenever he performs, not only is he sleek with the instruments by his vocal prowess cannot go unsaid.

One thing that makes Hayden Haddock’s version hypnotizing is his smooth country-side voice, his laid back voice emphasizes on the theme of the song, bringing to life the lyrics of the song, how he makes the lyrics of the song burn on you is a craft only a few musicians possess.

One thing that necessitated this cover is Hayden Haddock’s love for the original song ‘Fast As You’.

Listen to Fast As You below

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