Tara MacLean Releases Her Memoir, Titles It ‘Sparrow’

The opening song for the album ‘Sparrow’ tells the kind of musician Tara MacLean is, a few secs into the song and you can hear the smooth and soothing voice of the extraordinary songstress.

Sparrow is the 7th solo studio album ‘Sparrow’ accompanying her debut memoir book ‘Song Of The Sparrow’.

The opening song is a self-titled of the album Sparrow, which is the soundtrack to the memoir. The album has a total of 10 songs and spans 47 minutes and 25 seconds with an eclectic repertoire.

One of the most striking aspects of Sparrow is the female voice, as Tara MacLean’s voice resonates with emotion, honesty, and vulnerability. Her vocal delivery is at once soothing and achingly raw, captivating listeners with her unique ability to tap into the complex emotions of love and loss.

The album was inspired by the singer’s real-life events and surroundings, this is why she has been able to fuse this many emotions and feelings into the song, you could literally taste the efforts and hard work which was put into the production of the album.

The songs on the album feel like a rollercoaster with carries the listener into another dimension, with the pilot being her sensual voice, it’s surprising how she is able to deliver perfectly on every instrumentation, Sparrow has a surrealistic touch to it.

Tara MacLean’s lyricism cannot go unsaid, as the theme of each song is clearly brandished and not lost, she emphasized on the theme of the song making each word audible not to make the listener lose track of the lyrics and the beauty of the song.

Kudos to the producer of the album, this is truly a piece of art that would last for eternity as good music never dies. I must admit I have become a huge fan of Tara MacLean.

I was having difficulty choosing a favorite as each song has a unique feeling to it, but if I were to choose one, it would be ‘Silence – Sparrow Version’, that song just hits the spot, tell me about yours.

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