BennyHonda Supershifter “Self Help” Showcases Dynamic Musicianship

BennyHonda Supershifter is back with a spirited and hooky new single, “Self Help,” which is part of the album “SuperShifter”. You won’t be able to keep yourself from tapping your feet as the guitar jangles right from the opening notes.

The power-pop, catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, and nostalgic lyrics combine with modern rock influences creates a sound that is unique yet familiar. The resulting music is both playful and heartfelt, capturing the essence of the genre while also pushing boundaries and exploring new territory.

The vocals are an essential component of this release, with their infectious hooks and upbeat energy driving the songs forward. They effortlessly capture the vibe of the song, infusing it with their own personality and style. This combination creates a dynamic sound that is sure to get listeners moving and dancing along.

“Self Help” is a testament to BennyHonda Supershifter’s extraordinary musicianship and ability to create genre-bending music that resonates with listeners. This Athens, GA-based recording engineer, mixer, and producer works at Chase Park Transduction and has worked with a range of artists, including Immaterial Possession, Jack’s Johnson, and McKendrick Bearden, among others.

With “Self Help,” BennyHonda has managed to create a sound that is entirely his own, blending nostalgic power-pop elements with modern rock to create a vibe that is both fresh and familiar. As a multi-instrumentalist and former member of New Madrid, it’s no surprise that he continues to push boundaries and experiment with new sounds, blending them together seamlessly to create a truly unique listening experience.

Overall, “Self Help” is an infectious, upbeat track that offers a glimpse into what can be expected from BennyHonda’s album. It’s a perfect showcase of their musical prowess and a testament to the exciting things in store. Whether you’re a fan of power-pop or modern rock, this single is sure to impress and leave you eagerly awaiting what Supershifter has in store next.

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