Asaf Ashkenazy Mastercraft EP “Dog In Yard”

Asaf Ashkenazy has crafted a diverse and high-quality EP of four English and one Hebrew song, taking his sound from rock to folk to pop rock to Americana. Having released his first album in 2015 and nine singles since 2021, Asaf has spent the better part of the last six years crafting and performing music all around the country.

Asaf Ashkenazy’s “Dog In Yard” is an incredibly enjoyable, easy listening soft rock EP that truly captivates its listeners. This EP features 4 pieces that blend together folk rock and male vocals in a unique and harmonious way that exudes emotion and beauty.

The impressive lyricism paired with the vivid instrumental production of this EP is undeniable. Asaf Ashkenazy’s combined forces with producer Shahar Kaufman effort allows the listener to fall into an easy and captivating groove that gets the body moving. Asaf’s impressive musical ability shines through the complexity and depth of his arrangements, and the range and variation of timbres demonstrates deep knowledge and understanding of how to give a track life.

The use of various sampling and looping techniques gives each track a unique flavor, creating a kaleidoscope of sound for listeners to explore. The combination of solemn and uplifting moments is impeccable, creating a delicious and dynamic atmosphere that invites the listener to take a journey through their music. Dog In Yard’s EP is a musical feast, and it truly exemplifies the power of instrumentation.

The vocal performance compliments the instrumentation perfectly, creating a harmonious and enthralling journey from start to finish. Asaf Ashkenazy’s distinctive vocal delivery, which he employs over the folk-rock inspired melodies and acoustic groove, adds an extra layer of emotion to each piece without overpowering the instrumentation.

In conclusion, “Dog In Yard” is a soft rock EP that is truly captivating and enjoyable. The impressive musicianship and skillfully crafted instrumentation combined with the harmonious vocal performance create an enthralling listening journey that does not become dull or repetitive. Asaf Ashkenazy has truly created something special with this EP and it is a must listen for all fans of easy listening, folk rock and male vocals.

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