You Missed It; Katie Belle Is ‘The Best You’ll Ever Have’

Katie Belle has rephrased the adage “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” into “The Best You’ll Ever Have” There is no better way than this. Katie Belle is a songstress who hails from Atlanta, GA, she is a vocalist with superb songwriting skills.

As proof of that is her latest single which she titled “The Best You’ll Ever Have”, in this song she employs her creativity into writing this song and on top of that she blesses the vocals with her seductive voice.

listening to The Best You’ll Ever Have makes us feel ferocious and strong, it encourages self-love and letting go of connections that set off our triggers. This is what KB herself had to say about the song. The Best You’ll Ever Have features Katie Belle’s rich and alluring vocals, she shares her own story and that passion comes clear through her work.

This is what she had to say about the song

…”Going back to my original dark dance pop roots for my new single “Best You’ll Ever Have”, this song to me means freedom. Freedom to tell my own story, freedom from the person I used to be, and freedom from a relationship that no longer served me. I haven’t been this excited about a release in a while and can’t wait to share this one with you. Written from pain, enlightenment, and in my own words; “The Best You’ll Ever Have.”

Katie Belle is definitely an artist to keep in mind because her craft has quite an impact. The lyrical composition blends in perfectly with the theme of the song, and doesn’t leave you wondering where the song is heading towards.

Listen to ‘The Best You’ll Ever Have’ below

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