Wild Horse Impresses With “Cougar”

Wild Horse are an indie rock trio hailing from Sussex, Southern England. The group was formed by brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and best mate from primary school Ed Barnes and has since become one of the most sought-after rising acts on the British rock scene.

Wild Horse have recorded numerous great tracks, earning them enthusiastic support from BBC Introducing, BBC local shows, RadioX, Caroline, Amazing and many other local FM & online stations around the world. Wild Horse have also accumulated a wealth of praise from reviewers and curators, with many extremely positive write-ups appearing in press across the UK and Europe.

Musically, Wild Horse are heavily influenced by a diverse range of iconic artists such as The 1975, Rolling Stones, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, Oasis, Bruno Mars, Beatles, Chic, The Clash and Jackson 5, a lineup of inspirations that shine through in their dynamic and innovative sound.

Wild Horse are a band to watch out for. With their passionate performances, real talent and potential, there’s no doubt these guys are on the path to success.

Wild Horse Impresses With "Cougar"
Wild Horse Impresses With “Cougar”

Wild Horse’s “COUGAR” is an exciting and high-energy song that will surely captivate its audience. From the start, an up-tempo beat invites listeners to move along to its irresistibly catchy rhythm as the guitar riffs, along with tight drumming, keep listeners engaged. Lead singer’s passionate vocals add an emotional punch, perfect for any passionate rock fan.

This single will be a great addition to any live show, quickly setting the mood for a vibrant and thrilling experience. Even for those who might not be so familiar with Wild Horse, the exciting energy and infectious chorus of the song are sure to make fans out of them in no time.

Behind the song lies the chaotic story of a real housewife, who is desperately trying to escape her everyday life and her failing marriage. The background choir enhances the emotions related to the story and gives it a truly cinematic touch.

Overall, this entertaining track is as highly addictive as it is emotive, and it calls for a couple of listens before understanding the story fully. “COUGAR” occupies a sweet morning spot in the musical landscape of indie-minded music lovers and it should be a surefire hit for those looking for a bit of fun.

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