Get Enthralled By “The Precipice” From How We Burn

How We Burn is an indie/modern/rock group comprised of talented musicians TJ Brennan (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Kevin Morrissey (Bass), Matt Berg (Keyboard) and Darrell Cellucci (Lead Guitar). Based out of Boston MA the band formed in 2017 and have since been making waves in the music scene.

Loud amplified guitars, poetic lyrics and focused rhythms are just a few of the unique qualities which draw listeners to the music of How We Burn. From anthemic stompers to acoustic tales, the band incorporates sounds and textures from various genres, making them stand out among their peers. The band is influenced by the classic vibes of Dave Matthew’s Band, Pink Floyd and Aerosmith.

Since their formation, the band has had the pleasure of opening for Texas artist of the year Creed Fisher and their song Electric Lights was featured on 95.9 and the Spotify podcast “It’s a Hard Rock Life”.

How We Burn is poised and ready to take their music to the next level, with plans to perform shows in the US and to eventually break into the international music scene. With hard work and determination, How We Burn is determined to make their mark in the music industry.

Get Enthralled By "The Precipice" From How We Burn
Get Enthralled By “The Precipice” From How We Burn

How We Burn have released a powerful EP ‘The Precipice’, recorded entirely at their own Halo Studio. This is an actively involved band, no outside producers had anything to do with it – just the band members themselves.

The message the EP conveys is one of bravery, resilience and blossoming self-growth. It’s about never letting anyone or anything hold you down and pushing through whatever life throws at you. This band’s hero-ready anthems enable their fans to find the strength to conquer their struggles.

The male vocalist carries you through the highs to the lows of their song’s emotional journeys. The rock vibrancy of the music is complimented by their US-based sound. The uniqueness of their musical artistry will set them apart from their peers, making them rise as soaring musical talents.

The indie rock song “Electric Lights” is a definite highlight of the 7-track EP. It is a dynamite mix of rock and pop with male vocals that’s certain to get the listener hooked from the beginning. The stand-out upbeat guitar riffs and punchy drums provide a captivating soundscape and invigorating melody.

The chorus is an absolute blast, with a powerful and infectious groove. The bridge takes it to a whole new level with a thrilling guitar solo that builds to a climactic finale. As the backdrop of drums plays a shuffling rhythm, the track ascends to a compelling crescendo that combines light and dark. The spirit of optimism radiates from this track and leaves the listener feeling uplifted. It has all the hallmarks of an absolute bop, perfect for any situation.

This EP is an amalgamation of riveting sounds and heart-warming messages. It offers understanding and hope when life puts you at the precipice.

It’s an absolute masterpiece, the kind of EP that will move the body and the soul.

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