Move Your Feet To “JOY LOVE PEACE” By Boogie Lights

Boogie Lights is a rising artist who is quickly making a name for himself in the electronic music scene. Hailing from Denver, CO, Boogie Lights’ unique sound, which blends gospel and tech house, has been resonating with listeners from all around the globe. With a mission to lead the dancefloor towards an everlasting gobstopper of FUNK, his live shows combine live drums and mixing to take disco music into the 21st century. With such potential, Boogie Lights is definitely one artist to look out for.

This enchanting and inspiring record, “JOY LOVE PEACE” by Boogie Lights, is the perfect match of house music and gospel elements. It immediately captures your attention with a lively scream that sets off this exhilarating and optimistic dance anthem.

It weaves rich piano sounds and heavy basslines to bring a bright and joyful atmosphere to your speakers. It acts as the perfect backdrop for its powerful affirmation of “Joy, Love, and Peace” as the mellow male vocals take you on a spiritual journey.

Move Your Feet To "JOY LOVE PEACE" By Boogie Lights
Move Your Feet To “JOY LOVE PEACE” By Boogie Lights

The bridge leads you to another level of excitement as it slowly introduces a darker yet heavenly bass line that leads to a renowned gospel choir delivering a euphoria-like spiritual peace. Boogie Lights has definitely crafted an advanced and triumphant record, bringing with it nothing less than the Joy, Love, and Peace he intends to share to the world.

In conclusion, Boogie Lights’ EDM anthem “JOY LOVE PEACE” is an uplifting and captivating take on gospel music that blurs the lines between house and faith. By blending tech-house beats with ethereal choir vocals, the song creates a one-of-a-kind listening experience that is both moving and energizing. The powerful and anthemic melodies is sure to give renewed vigor to those in search of joy, love, and peace.

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