Maria Kadima’s ‘Je Te Desire’: A Soul-Stirring Journey of Faith

Christian singer Maria Kadima recently released the ballad Je Te Desire, a real-life testament to her spiritual journey. It’s hard not to find something touching about it. Sung in French with deep emotion, and translated on the spot into a warm expressive purity, Kadima speaks of longing for divine contact. Yet this gentle prayer of a song expresses the artist’s wish to draw closer to God.

Kadima, who is from Congo and a worship leader in the United States now, became involved with music at age 7. Relying on her experience of education from her church and self-education, she is able to integrate the two sides of herself–spirituality with music.

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Maria Kadima’s ‘Je Te Desire’: A Soul-Stirring Journey of Faith

In addition to displaying the full breadth of Kadima’s vocal skills, ‘Je Te Desire’ bears witness at one point in her development as a solo performer. Backed by her able band, she treats the audience to soulful music in which it can participate and thus find spiritual solace. Getting off to a good start, listeners can look forward to more sincere works extolling Maria Kadima’s faith.

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