KSI Employs Oliver Tree For New Conventional Single “Voices”

We can sometimes be in denial about truths we don’t want to embrace. This is the situation with KSI’s new song.

His current track, “Voices,” features Oliver Tree, who helps him convey his experience after a breakup in a fantastic delivery.

The song represents his experience of confronting and defeating his inner demons. It serves as a constant reminder that it is alright to be unhappy and that seeking help and support can lead to healing and growth.

The song is about the pain we experience in the aftermath of a breakup. Lying to ourselves as we try to replace the void with a fling or waking up in your cold empty bed alone. That person can haunt our head for months, even years after. Wondering if we will ever escape the memories of the person, we once loved who’s now a stranger.” says Oliver Tree.

This song showcases both artists’ unique talents and creates a harmonious blend of pop, rock, and soul elements that will certainly amaze you.

It is a masterfully crafted song that combines several musical influences to create an everlasting classic. The mix of KSI’s smooth voice and Tree’s rockstar abilities creates an unforgettable and impactful piece of music.

The video matches and amplifies the song’s effect. It brought the song to life and left an indelible effect on the listeners.

Oliver Tree is known for his unusual and innovative music videos, and it’s amazing to see how he brought his idea to life with this one.

Listen to the song below and watch the video as well. Follow KSI on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. Follow Oliver Tree as well on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

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