El Gant’s New Rap Song “Leave It Alone” Is A Movie

EL Gant is back with another rap song with a distinct flow, excellent delivery, catchy rhymes, and an impeccable premise.

You’d think he was just pouring words in this new song titled “Leave It Alone,” but it’s all visuals. That’s how creative he is with his music.

With DJ Premier on your production side, you should expect nothing less than the best. His abilities and capabilities in this area are exceptional.

This theme is a common trope in science fiction and fantasy genres, where technology is often depicted as having a negative impact on society and individuals

In the video, the characters face the consequences of their reliance on technology and make a choice to sacrifice their personal desires for the greater good. This often leads to a redemption arc, where the people learn important lessons and grow as individuals.

The rapper believes this prevents us from reasoning for ourselves, ultimately allowing our thoughts to be influenced according to what we observe.

EL Gant is also out with his latest album tagged “O.S.L.O.” and not forgetting the video was directed by The Last American B-Boy.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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