Energetic Music “Ayah” By Neer Human

Neer Human is an innovative hybrid audio and visual project created by producer and artist based in London, United Kingdom. Combining high bpm and energetic electronic music with AI assisted evolving visuals, Neer Human creates a unique listening and viewing experience.

Neer Human is a multi-disciplinary artist blurring genres between EDM, Electronica and Post-Modernism. His fusion of AI art and energizing beats captivates listeners and viewers alike. His dark and dystopian themes challenge reality as we know it by Filtering it through the lenses of AI assisted visuals and wildly paced electronic music.

Neer Human has an established history of releasing compelling music with visuals that resonate with audiences across the world. His work has been featured both in immersive performances and streamed events.

Neer Human has earned a name for himself through his hybrid audio and visual production. His dark, gripping and dynamic sound combines mesmerizing visuals to create an audiovisual experience like no other.

The innovation of music production has already changed the face of the industry and the works of Neer Human are a proof of that. Released under the alias “Ayah”, the first single of their project takes the listener into the chaotic yet vibrant world of the entertainment business. Tearing away the veneer of glittery celebrity life and affluence, this song highlights the dangers and difficulties of success.

Futuristic and catchy, the track is a blend of electronic beats and intense basslines. The UK-based artist has dipped deep into the toolbox of modern tech and uses AI-assisted visuals to create an anthem of empowerment, blurring the boundaries between music and video, weaving together contrasting styles.

The accompanying music video, made with the help of AI, paints a vivid picture of the other side of the entertainment industry. We witness fans celebrating, workers rioting, business men money-showering, love orgies, rainbow flags and, most and for all, death. It all sets an energizing, yet oppressive mood, as if warning rather than inviting us to the tempting world of glamour.

Overall, “Ayah” is an innovative, gritty and inspiring piece of art. It reinvents the way we perceive music videos and shows us that those boundaries can be pushed further and further. It stands out with its intricate sound, AI-assisted visuals and relatable message, and is poised to be an anthem for many generations of young dreamers.

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