The Phantom Friends Asks – Cant You See

2017 saw the birth of four friends who came together after performing individually for 15 years. The Phantom Friends is a fast-rising band which features Richie Gaiser on the lead vocals and guitar with Dominic Birckbichler on the harmonies and bass, Harrison Saunders on the drums, and Matt Wilson on the Synth, Vocals, and Auxiliary guitar.

With the blending of progressive, alternative, pop, and 80’s dance, the band pushes its boundaries, mixes genres, and does not conform to a specific style of music production. The band since inception has been creating mind-blowing and addictive songs .

Can’t You See is the newest single from The Phantom Friends, It’s about clearing out the negativity in your life and saying the things that not always easy to say.

Can’t You See is about communicating with the people you care about or communicating with yourself when you know there are trivial things getting in the way of your happiness.

It’s a fast-moving synth rock song that draws inspiration from the big sounds of the arena rock era, and the love of maxing out your stereo on the highway.

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