Spunday Releases Visuals For While My Guitar Gently Beeps

SpünDay is a band that was formed in Tonypandy after Paul, Daf, and Matthew met at a Melt Banana gig in Cardiff. After its inception, the band has played notable gigs around Europe and played at the annual Cardiff Psych and Noise fest last year.

Paul is the leading vocalist and plays the guitar, Daf plays the bass, Matthew blasts the drums. Shock Wave Gang Bang is the current album from Spunday, and their main influences are Melt Banana, Guitar pedals, and absurdity.

Their latest single “While my guitar gently beeps” is a stinging attack on the music industry establishment’s laziness, inability to take risks on new music for fear of upsetting the shareholders and constant re-issues, and repackaging of the same music.

The bass and drums were recorded at one louder studio in Newport with guitars and vocals recorded at The Loft Studios Tonypandy which was produced by Set Phasers to Scunge.

A stinging attack on a music industry hellbent on stifling creativity, ruining nascent musical careers, and unwilling to take risks. Their insistence on re-hashing and re-packaging the same old and.

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