RYTA RAY’s Debut Single ‘Frequency of Love’ Radiates Emotion and Hope

RYTA RAY, a talented Ukrainian singer, makes a captivating debut with her poignant piano ballad, “Frequency of Love,” in collaboration with renowned songwriter Guy Chambers. After bravely relocating to London during tumultuous times, RYTA RAY wasted no time in pursuing her dreams. Her dedication paid off when she won a song contest by the Lang Lang Foundation, earning her the opportunity to record her debut single with Chambers at Sleeper Sounds studio.

“Frequency of Love” is a soul-stirring composition that beautifully intertwines RYTA RAY’s enchanting vocals with solemn piano chords. The song’s heartfelt lyrics explore the concept of finding love within oneself and radiating it into a world that may seem dark and troubled. RYTA RAY’s sincere lyricism and melodic sensibilities make an indelible mark, marking her promising entry onto the international music scene.

The story of RYTA RAY’s musical journey began a year ago when Marharyta Rayska, a talented yet relatively unknown singer, decided to seize the present moment and pursue her dreams without delay—a sentiment shared by many fellow Ukrainians. Her determination swiftly bore fruit when she won the prestigious song contest organized by the Lang Lang Foundation, overseen by the acclaimed songwriter Guy Chambers, renowned for his work with Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, and more. As part of her prize, RYTA RAY had the privilege of recording her debut single, “Frequency of Love,” under Chambers’ guidance at Sleeper Sounds studio.

Inspired by her dreams and fueled by her experiences in London, RYTA RAY chose to adopt her creative pseudonym while immersing herself in her craft at the Abbey Road Institute. Mentored by seasoned professionals and sound producers, she continues to build an international career, exploring new musical horizons and crafting captivating compositions.

Though her journey takes her beyond her homeland, RYTA RAY’s heart remains with Ukraine. This sentiment is palpable in her lyrics for “Frequency of Love” and vividly portrayed in the music video directed by Nikita Kvasnikov. The video depicts Ukrainian rescuers courageously saving lives amidst a burning building, symbolizing the unwavering trust and resilience found in the face of adversity. Notably, the internationally recognized organization Frida.ua and dedicated paramedics from Hawaii, who offered their support in Ukraine, feature prominently in the clip. The video’s compelling narrative, combined with the masterful color grading by Ethos Studio, showcases the dedication and collective efforts that went into bringing the powerful message of “Frequency of Love” to life.

RYTA RAY’s debut single and its accompanying video capture the essence of hope, love, and solidarity. With her emotive vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and cinematic visuals, RYTA RAY leaves an indelible impression, showcasing her immense talent and setting the stage for a promising future in the music industry.

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