Proklaim Drops Bars On New Single – Runnin

Born Alexander Kiremire who performs under the moniker Proklaim is a rapper and lyricist who hails from Namibia which is located the southern part of Africa. After college he felt the desperate need showcase his talent to the world, so he decided to share this talent by putting his thoughts into a song.

Over the years Proklaim has proved he is one of the best to ever do hiphop, and rarely do hear a rapper who rubs shoulders with the likes of Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Big Pu, Nas Lauryn hill.

Although professionally Prokliam started making music recently, he poses as a threat to OG’s, and if he continues on this path it is assured he is going to be one of the names that comes to mind when you mention hip-hop.

His song Runnin is a prove of his, prefect delivery, rhyming, storyline, breathe control, Bars, Proklaim nailed all this in the song and topped it up with some tongue twisting.

One of the distinctive lyrics “gotta find your way this world is full of hatred, this world is full of fakers” summarizes the intentions behind the song Runnin, it talks about been weary in your surroundings, been aware you are surrounded by haters who would take the available chance to ruin your life.

Listen to Runnin to experience all this  for yourself.

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