Norwegian Trio Transcending Into The Unknown Releases Their Debut

The debut self-titled single from Transcending Into The Unknown is a unique collaboration of family members who share the same musical skill, yet slightly different.

Now imagine a band of 3 family members with different musical backgrounds and different musical taste coming together to produce a song, can you imagine the variety of the sounds, a single song that you can hear some blues rock to metal and progressive rock.

“Transcending Into the Unknown” is a family made up of 2 brothers and a son  – Filip Dahl, Stian Dahl and Robert Dahl a Norwegian family gifted with an immersive love for guitar.

A guitar-based instrumental track with elements of progressive rock, metal, and blues rock, “Transcending Into the Unknown” crosses genres. Since each guitarist has a unique tone and style, it is simple to discern between the guitar solos played by Filip (from 0:00 to 00:56), Stian (from 02:10 to 02:49), and Robert (from 02:50 to 03:25).

After taking a hiatus from music production for a long time talented multi-instrumentalist Filip Dahl, combined his musical powers with his two other relatives although his style is way different from the rest, yet he transcends into the unknown and dives deeper to fish out such a breath-taking sound.

“Transcending Into the Unknown” has 3 distinct solo, Filip starts with the opening, followed by Stian who picked up the guitar at an early stage of his life, Stian was heavily influenced by blues and rock, and this shamelessly brandish in his solo.

Robert Dahl who was the frontman for the 80’s band Ack-Ack, gave Transcending Into the Unknown a befitting end. Robert Dahl draws inspiration from music styles such as thrash metal, doom and stoner rock, as well as blues and even jazz

The variations in their playing techniques and tones are quite amazing and fascinating to listen to, while at the same time it is evident that they both have a passion and dedication for guitars and guitar playing.

Listen to Transcending Into The Unknown below  

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